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History of the resort

The Almeida Hotel and SPA was built in 1896, as soon as the waters got recognized as medical mineral waters for public benefit. Over the years it fell in disuse and suffered a complete abandonment, until in the summer of 2001 its actual owner, Antonio Acha, while he was travelling, experimented a personal healing in the place and decided to buy it.

In 2003, leaving his former profession as a marine bio- hydrologist, Antonio focused all his energy to reform the building, renovate the installations of water and electricity, create the actual thermal station, provide an adequate access, etc. On 15 of June 2006, after three years of hard work the completely remodeled Hotel with his friendly staff opened his doors, welcoming from the heart anyone who wants to experiment and share his quiet places, healing waters and beautiful surroundings.

In our eagerness to convert this resort in an ideal place for rest and renovation, we recently have enlarged the installations, creating a new and larger rest room in the Thermal Station and a new big outside terrace nearby the Bar-Cafeteria, where you can enjoy the fabulous sunsets of Almeida, in close contact with nature. We have also improved the gardens, planting new variety of trees from the area and created an ecological orchard. May it help to convert your stay in an unforgettable experience.