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Our kitchen is focalized in nourishing our clients in a balanced way, helping them to find a way of expression of their highest potential. The motto from Hippocrates “Let food be your medicine” is the base of our cooking. We recommend you to honor greatly all that you eat, just as Miguel de Unamuno says: “The health of the whole body forges in the ministry of the stomach”.

Our menu is healthy, ecologic and with a proper name (the one of the farmer). All dishes are elaborates with our spring water, traditionally extracted flour of salt and extra virgin olive oil; and cooked in a crock pot from Pereruela on wood fire. Our bread is also ecologic, made in the wood oven by Tio Vargas from Roelos.

We recommend not drinking much during the meals. This is a basic rule for an adequate digestion and careful mastication, in order to predigest the food and enrich it with our proper enzymes from salivation. Eat as if you drunk.

Bon Appetite