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Deep massage, especially to relieve muscular contractions or painful areas. You may receive it in the back, shoulders, lumbar area, in legs or in the whole body.

Time 60 minutes – 49 €
Time: 30 minutes – 28 €

We advise you to trust and communicate any fiscal problems to our therapists.

49 €

Relax / Anti Stress

Relaxing massage that works on tissues and the energetic system of the client. This treatment is especially designed to produce high rates of relaxation. It is indicated to help during periods of stress or depression, generating a sensation of well being. It also helps balancing the nervous system, oxygenating the tissues and relieving the muscular stress.
Time: 70 minutes – 65 €
Time: 40 minutes – 39 €
Supplement: Hot Stones Therapy during 15 minutes. 10 €

65 €

Craniosacral Therapy

It works balancing the inner liquids of the body. The therapist applies very gentle pressure on the skull, spine and sacrum, mobilizing the inner tide of cerebrospinal liquid.

Time: 60 minutes

49 €

Indian massage

This is a local technique centered in head, neck and shoulders.

Time: 20 minutes

19 €

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic drainage is indicated for: cellulites, facial edema, varicose veins, tired legs, arthritis, osteoarthritis and disorders of the soft tissues.

Time: 40 minutes

39 €

Massage for the circulation of lower limbs

With this massage the therapist applies balsamic ointment with herbal extracts to the legs, in order to stimulate the circulation. It is the ideal combination for specific packs or a complete circulatory treatment.

Time: 30 minutes

34 €


This treatment is based on the knowledge of Chinese medicine and activates the meridians by stimulating the reflex areas of the feet.
While applying pressure to these areas the whole body of the client can be treated; the effect can be stimulating or calming, depending on the case.

Time: 60 minutes – 49 €
Time: 30 minutes – 28 €

49 €

Massage from the author

This is a complete ritual of initiation to an ancient knowledge that includes an interpretation of the Human Design.

The technique helps to release blockades that affect the fiscal and psychological body by manipulating the body of the patient, using the body of the therapist as well as a knife from bone or hot oils with aromas, etc. We recommend receiving this Body work without clothes, but you can choose to keep on any clothes that you want.

The time of the treatment can vary depending on the process of interaction between healer and client.
A part from the benefit, there can be reactions on the emotional or physiological level, generally without secondary effects.

OF THE GODESS: For the empowerment of the feminine.

OF THE GREEN LADY: For the discovery of the masculine and feminine inside, the androgen.

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Time: 70 minutes

65 €

Precios sin el 10% de IVA