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Since 1896 our waters are recognized as medical mineral waters, with powerful healing effects on a great variety of health disorders. These unique waters come out of the depths with a constant temperature of 17ºC, and are suitable for external and internal use.

Ancient Celtic people already used the waters for their extraordinary healing powers. There were recommended in the Royal Apothecary of Zamora in 1715. Their healing force is based on the exceptional biochemical composition and vitality.

In the history of the Resort during the first part of XX century, the waters of Almeida were highly appreciated for their authentic cures of stomachic, respiratory and skin disorders, and well known to give relieve to rheumatic processes.

One of its elements, Sulfur, is essential for the correct operation of biological membranes, providing important antiradical properties. Its natural intake through the waters improves the immune system and skin. Lithium is another important element provided by the waters, with a well known action on the central nervous system.