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The waters

The Almeida Hotel & SPA resort uses the waters of the spring “Hervidero de San Vicente” (Boiling waters of Saint Vincent) 10 meters away from the SPA.

The first written references of the place date from the beginnings of the XVII century. The monk Francis of Saint Catherine, regent of the drugstore of the Zamora Monastery refers to the great medical value of the sulphurous waters: the waters come out between two groups of rocks, but the one contained within the cup of the well violently moves from time to time, like a boiling soup. Therefore they named it “Hervidero”.

The waters were already known by the ancient dwellers of the place, Celtic people that used them for purification and Therapy.

The general therapeutic effects are on:

  • Dystonias of the vegetative nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary or gynecological system
  • Rheumatic processes and post traumatic disorders
  • Allergic processes
  • Alterations of the uric acid metabolism
  • Disorders of the feminine reproductive organs: sterility, dysmenorrhoea
  • Itching Disorders of the skin


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